First In Line is Now Accepting Electronic Products for Recycling

We are now accepting electronic "stuff" for recycling.

This is not limited to computers.

CD players, VCR's, keyoards, calculators, cell phones, game systems, and many other items. Please note: Items must be electronic, not just electrical.

When you donate your items to First In Line you are helping to support a ministry which has helped provided equipment to non-profits, ministries, and low-income families around the world.

Recently we received a large number of laptops which we hope can be refurbished to fill the request for 20 computers for an orphanage in Ghana and 10 for a village in Mexico.

We will need to buy some parts to complete these projects. Your help is appreciated!

All this is made possible through YOUR generous gifts.

Thank You!!!

First In Line Industries was founded by Dennis and Marjorie Allen in June 2005. Our primary goal was the recycling of industrial and government surplus property for use by ministries and non-profit organizations. Even though First In Line is technically not a faith-based organization, it would never have become a reality without the strong faith of Marjorie and I and our reliance on Jesus Christ as our personal Savior. All of our accomplishments would not have been possible without the daily guidance of the Holy Spirit.

First In Line Industries is a community based non-profit organization. We chose this type of organization because the business world is reluctant to make gifts to specific religious organizations. They are, on the other hand, very willing to dispose of used equipment to non-profit organizations for recycling. The IRS has granted us 501(c)(3) status and we are incorporated in the state of Texas.

Early in our ministry we were only able to provide a few computers for local ministry support. Most of our efforts centered around repair and technical support.

Shortly before the Katrina disaster we began to receive computers in larger quantities. Many of our computers were used to help locate family and friends of Katrina and Rita evacuees. When the shelters were closed and the remaining evacuees were sent to other facilities, the computers were given to those facilities to continue the efforts to stabilize the affected families.

Since that time, we have provided computers and specialized computer related equipment and technical assistance to many organizations and ministries both in the United States and overseas.

Assistance to non-profit organizations is limited to their humanitarian and disaster relief efforts and English language programs. We do not assist activists, political groups, pro-abortion groups, special interest groups, environmental groups, gender biased groups, racially biased groups, or any person or group advocating a departure from traditional Judeo/Christian values or the traditional (and Constitutional) values of the United States, regardless of their posturing during disasters.

There is only ONE GOD. We believe in, love, honor, and obey Almighty God; THE LIVING GOD who is the GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. His Son, Jesus Christ, is our Savior. There is no other name given among men whereby we must be saved. Acts 4:12.

As an independent organization, we are not under denominational restraints.  Assistance to evangelical ministries is wide-spread, This can include office computers, networks, classroom computers, etc., and technical support. If you need something, ask!

We have been able to obtain everything from backhoe rental to fire engine pumps for various ministries and youth camps.

At First In Line we also recycle! Electronic equipment which cannot be repaired is delivered to certified recyclers for processing and extraction of the base materials. This effort keeps these materials out of the landfills and helps provide environmentally friendly raw material for manufacturing.